Mission India Bible College provides partial scholarship schemes for deserving candidates based on their individual cases of situation.

We are managing our activities by faith and trusting upon God�s provisions by believing that God will meet all of our needs.

We encourage students to trust upon God for the provision. In order to cover the expenses for the study, students need to pay their fees regularly. Students are required to find their own sponsors to undertake their study .

We are willing to help poor and needy students by providing partial scholarships. If any students need scholarship, they need to submit a written application explaining their individual situations by special request to be considered for Scholarship.

We offer various types of scholarships for students

  1. Work Scholarships
  2. Merit Scholarships
  3. Ministry Scholarships
  4. Partial Scholarships

According to the availability of the fund, we prefer to assist student who are in need of assistance. If you need more information about scholarship, please write to the principal.

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